Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Training and mentoring

Having spoken to a few people who I have given 1-2-1 training and/or mentoring to over the last few months, compared to other services they consider my services to be excellent value for money. Some have also been on seminars and other training courses provided by other far more expensive (and highly advertised and promoted!) services, and have commented that the difference in the quality is like 'night and day'. Some of those people have been kind enough to provide testimonials, which are here.
I greatly enjoy helping and assisting both new and inexperienced trades, helping them understand the nuances of trend following, and proving to them that money can be made in an unemotional, systematic manner.

I would also just clarify here that, if you are interested in the mentoring programme, then the costs can be split over 12  months if desired. For more details of what this covers, please go to the services page.

While I cannot guarantee that you will make significant profits (and there are a number of factors that will affect this, including whether you are pyschologically able to stick to the rules, and using appropriate risk control), the profits you should be able to make far outweigh the cost of having a guiding hand help you along the way.

I also hope that at some point I will be able to arrange a 'get together' for those who are in the mentoring programme, if they so wish, at a convenient location.

As I have said all along, it would be nice to gather a small group of traders together, who utilise the same strategy, to foster relationships between them, and be able to help each other.

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