Friday, July 06, 2012

The e-book travels east

I received a nice testimonial this morning from Chris, who is based in Hong Kong:

"I have long been an admirer of those who can trade a trend following system. I like the idea that all you need to know is technical analysis without worrying about any fundamentals. However I don’t have confidence to trade such a system because of the relatively low winning percentage (typical of a trend following system). After reading Steve’s e-book, I believe I can finally apply this to my own trading.

In his e-book Steve not only spells out the exact rules, but also explains the rationale behind them. As a novice I now know exactly how to trade a trend following system. Should I ever want to tweak the rules to fit my personal needs, I’ll know what to look for. Steve is also very responsive in answering my questions. In short, I’d say Steve’s e-book has bridged the fear gap for me to apply trend following in my trading."

I take great pride in trying to help other traders as best I can, both in understanding the system and the psychological aspect of implementing (and sticking to) the rules, particularly with new or inexperienced traders - everyone needs to start somewhere. It is gratifying that a number of these people have found both the e-book and subsequent correspondence useful, and hopefully have helped them avoid some of the potential mistakes and pitfalls that lie in wait.

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