Friday, January 13, 2012

A longer term trend following system for traders and investors

New for 2012 is a longer term trend following system, which I shall be trading to compliment my existing system. This aims to eradicate some of the whipsawing around when there are short term oscillations on the general market. The system will assist those who prefer to trade longer-term, as well as investors who use the more traditional investment type strategies.

The main benefit to investors, who tend to focus more on fundametal analysis, will be that the timing of the entry signals will coincide with a new trend forming based on the price action, as well as ensuring they get an appropriate exit signal when the trend has ended.

The system structure is the same as the original system, but the parameters used and timeframe have been changed. I will be maintaining a model portfolio and will be calling my trades in real time within the members chatroom.

The system rules are detailed in the members area - to join, click here.

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