Sunday, August 14, 2011

Trades log and Twitter

Just to clarify the position going forward with regards to both the Trades Log and Twitter.

As from tomorrow, notifications of new trades will be no longer be posted in real time on Twitter. As mentioned in my previous post, any new positions will be discussed and logged in the members' chatroom.

The trades log will be continued, but this will be on a time delayed basis, and will probably be updated on a week by week basis.

The trades log has served its purpose, I feel, in proving that trend following can work on equities, and following such a system can achieve a positive expectancy. This is even with no trades being recorded during the current sharp downtrend (which has generated hundreds of trading signals and profits) over the last month or so, which would have improved the current annualised performance statistics.The draw back of the way the trades log was conceived was that, while based on actual trades results, it was an 'annualised' percentage performance. In order to achieve the annualised return you would need to be fully invested over the period.

In place of this, I will be running a 'model portfolio' based on my own trades and with a set starting capital in the members' area, which will be updated on a daily basis. This will again mainly focus on equities, but will also cover trades relating to indices, commodities and forex.

However, there will continue to be comments posted here as and when I feel there is something worthy of posting, but the focus will be more on trend following in general.

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