Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Projected results based on actual returns now shown on the trade log

I have made some further enhancements to the Trades Log.

Please note there are now THREE tabs - these are:
  • 'TRADES' - detailed logs of previous and current trades, as well as the summary performance statistics;
  • 'PROJECTIONS' - a projected portfolio performance and hypothetical annualised return, based on the exact trades listed on the history, with the achieved R multiple reduced by 50%;
  • 'COMPARISON' - this shows the comparison between the detailed 'sensitised' projected annual return (i.e. with the R multiple reduced by 50%) against that of the projected annual return with NO reduction in the R multiple (i.e. based on ACTUAL results achieved to date).
I think I should let the actual results speak for themselves.

Suffice to say, if you are interested in achieving returns like these, with the minimum of time spent in front of a PC, be sure to look out for 'The Trading Triangle', which I will be releasing shortly.

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