Sunday, November 28, 2010

Some random charts

Thought I'd post a few more charts, showing some existing trending UK stocks (both long and short), as well as, for a change, a couple of FX pairs that are potentially breaking out. As always, click on the charts to enlarge.

Somewhere, in one market or another, be it equities, currencies, indices or commodities, there are always trends breaking out and forming, giving opportunities to profit.

Here is Mulbery Group, which is in a prolonged uptrend and has broken out again:

Trinity Mirror, which has recently broken out on the short side:

Bowleven, which has exploded up after a period of consolidation and the resulting contraction in volatility:

AUD/USD which potentially is breaking down (techno-heads might point to a sort of Head & Shoulder pattern at the top here, as well as a lower high):

And finally USD/CHF, which is going in the opposite direction, and is sporting a higher low as well as now a higher high.

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