Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Another string to my bow...

In the run up to our baby boy coming into the world, I took steps to remain trading while allowing me to use less time monitoring the markets, positions etc.

I took the Turtles system 2 and applied it on a WEEKLY rather than daily basis. One or two other tweaks and I was done. Like my shorter term system, I have applied exponential moving averages as a trend filter confirmation.

I was looking for a way to capitalise on some high flyers that I found early on, but got stopped out using my shorter term systems. DRYS and JRCC are two such examples of US stocks that spring to mind.

Using a very basic system like I have described seems to capture the vast majority of these.

I have therefore allocated a portion of my equity to these types of trades. Although I have only looked at long trades using this, it would seem to work just as well on shorts as well.

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