I offer the following products or services to individual traders who have the desire and commitment to improve. Please click on the links below for more details.

E-book - 'The Trading Triangle' was originally written in late 2010, with an addendum during early 2013, which covered the changes made to my own method implemented in 2012. This sets out my basic approach to the markets, how I look for potential opportunities and carry out those trades. This is delivered in PDF format via email.

1-2-1 Training - These sessions not only cover the nuts and bolts of trend following, but also focus on risk management and trading psychology, which are key components of any trader achieving long-term success. This is available either face-to-face (in the UK) or via Skype/individual webinar.

Mentoring - This expands on the 1-2-1 training (which is included) and allows you to develop within a small group of like-minded traders, and observe the patience and discipline of a trend follower. The mentoring package includes access to a private twitter feed, performance reviews, group-only webinars, as well as ongoing email/Skype support throughout the year.

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